Salvatore Spicuglia


Salvatore Spicuglia is a group leader since 2011 at the TAGC, a multidisciplinary institute affiliated to the INSERM and Aix-Marseille University.

He is an expert in mammalian transcriptional regulation. His lab focuses on regulatory mechanisms at lymphoid-specific genes, as well as general aspect of epigenomic changes between normal and cancer cells. His lab recently implemented high-throughput reporter assays to quantitatively assess enhancer activity in mammals and used the method to address important questions regarding enhancer biology. Recent works in his lab has shed lights on a subset of gene promoters, termed Epromoters, which works as bona fide enhancers and regulates distal gene expression.

He is involved in several national (ANR, INCA, etc) and international projects (H2020, Ecos-Nord). As coordinator of the ITN Enhpathy, he is looking forward to the discovery of novel genetic and epigenetic mechanisms involved in the dysregulation of enhancers in diverse pathologies.

Alvaro Rada-Iglesias

Vice coordinator

Alvaro Rada Iglesias received his M.Sc. in Biology by the University of Leon in 2001, being recognized as the best academic curriculum of that year. Then, he obtained his PhD in 2007 at Uppsala University (Sweden), where he worked in the laboratory of Prof. Claes Wadelius. After a short post-doctoral work in the Linnaeaus Centre for Bioinformatics (Uppsala University, Sweden) under the supervision of Prof. Jan Komorowski, he obtained an EMBO long-term fellowship to continue his postdoctoral career in the laboratory of Prof. Joanna Wysocka at Stanford University (USA), where he stayed between 2009-2013. In 2013, he was recruited by the University of Cologne as a Junior Research Group Leader at the Centre for Molecular Medicine Cologne, where he successfully started his independent research group. This was recognized with an EMBO Young Investigator award (EMBO YIP) in 2017. In July 2018 he was recruited as a Principal Investigator by the University of Cantabria to direct his research group at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC). Recently, he received an ERC CoG to study the function and mechanisms of action of enhancers during early mammalian development.

Nadia Maio

Project Manager

Nadia Maio is the Project Manager of the MSCA ITN project ENHPATHY funded by the European programme H2020. She has graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Pisa, Italy, and specialised in Project Management for International Cooperation at the NGO COSPE in Florence, Italy.

She is actively involved since 2011 in the design and technical assistance of international collaborative projects funded by the European Commission.

From March 2020, she is involved within the INSERM in Marseille (France) in the management of the ENHPATHY project, working with an extensive and passionate European partnership and 15 worldwide early-career researchers in the field of genomics.

Furthermore, she is dedicated to the African continent, where she worked in NGOs in the field and as desk officer at the Desertification Research Centre of the University of Sassari (Italy).  She is currently involved, as project manager and consultant for European funds at the University of Cagliari (Italy), in the design and presentation of new RIA H2020/HEU project proposals dealing with climate change in Europe and Africa.

With an in-depth knowledge of European funding programmes, she is also involved in the creation of partnerships and in spreading the knowledge of European funds and their origins for a more constructive, logical and participatory European project design.