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Hi, I’m Gaurav, and excited to be a part of the ENHPATHY team. I received my bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, UK, and did my Master’s in Molecular Biophysics in King’s College London. for the duration of my Master’s thesis I worked with the Rosta group on a computational project investigating protein-ligand interactions. It was a rewarding and educational experience which served as an introduction to computational work in science. The ENHPATHY program presented an excellent opportunity to both learn new skills as well as strengthen existing skills that I gained during my education.

In my spare time I enjoy practicing guitar, watching films, reading and sometimes cooking.

My research project

Dissection of coordinated stress responses by novel promoter elements with enhancer activity (WP1)

We recently demonstrated that a subset of gene promoters, termed Epromoters, works “also” as bona fide enhancers and regulate distal gene expression. Subsequently, we found that Epromoters play a key role in the coordination of rapid gene induction in the stress response, in particular during inflammation. The ESR will study the functional role of Epromoters in different stress and inflammatory conditions, determine their impact in genome topology, and establish in vivo models to assess Epromoter variation in inflammatory diseases. This systematic approach will unravel the basic molecular mechanisms of this novel type of regulatory elements and shed the basis of their potential involvement in diseases.


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