Pelin Sahlén is an Associate Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) specialising in genome regulation and complex disease genomics.
She completed her PhD at University of Cambridge and MSc at Sabanci University. Her main research interests lie within gene regulation and enhancers. She worked at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a post-doc on the epigenetics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She then embarked on to develop a method for connecting enhancers to their target genes, which resulted in HiCap (Capture Hi-C) methodology.
In 2016, she established her own research team for developing experimental and computational tools to causally link genomic variants to biological functions and pathologies. Her recent research showcased the utility of high-resolution chromatin interaction maps for the target gene discovery of risk variants in common diseases such as atherosclerosis and psoriasis.

Her team works in close collaboration with clinicians providing both access to precious material and opportunities for clinical interpretation/testing of results. She currently focuses on the better understanding of the plasticity and resiliency of enhancer networks and the role they play in health and disease.

She resides in Uppsala, with her daughter and cosmologist husband. She is an amateur singer and enjoys cooking.