Robin Andersson graduated as a Computer Scientist at Linköping University (Sweden, 2004), after which he obtained a PhD in Bioinformatics at Uppsala University (Sweden, 2010). He did a postdoc in the lab of Prof. Albin Sandelin at University of Copenhagen (Denmark), where he mainly focused on transcriptional regulation and enhancer transcription. In 2015, Robin received a European Research Council (ERC) starting grant, which was the starting point of his own lab at the Bioinformatics Centre, Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen (Denmark). In 2020 he became an Associate Professor of Bioinformatics.

The main aims of the Andersson lab are to better understand the architectures of transcriptional regulation, the properties of transcriptional regulatory elements, and the determinants of enhancer and promoter function. His main expertise is in genomics approaches for enhancer activity profiling and computational modelling of transcriptional regulation from large-scale sequencing data.