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Artemy Zhigulev

My long term goal is to become a leader in science and society of the next generation: a professor inspiring students to make discoveries, a group leader exploring pure science while applying the results of research to change everyday life.

My research project

Functional understanding of synergistic effects of enhancer elements at the onset of atherosclerosis (WP3)

The aim of the project is to establish a method that can resolve multiple promoter-anchored interactions at single cell resolution. The method will utilise droplet technology and chromatin immunoprecipitation to identify multiple promoters and enhancers contacts. Such data will help elucidate to which degree enhancers cooperate in regulating expression of their target genes, and contribute to our understanding of the role of enhancer redundancy in complex diseases context. We will apply the methodology to aortic endothelial and smooth muscle cells, liver cells and activated macrophages to study the extent of redundancy in regulatory networks concerning cardiovascular risk variants.