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ESR 1 project : Dissection of coordinated stress responses by novel promoter elements with enhancer activity (WP1)ESR 2 project : Modeling gene-environmental interactions implicated in the etiology of human neurocristopathies (WP3)ESR 3 project : Genetic and epigenetic changes in hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) during chronic inflammation (WP3)ESR 4 project : The impact of genetic variants on regulatory activities (WP1)ESR 5 project : Understanding the impact of gene regulatory variation on disease using variable chromatin modules (VCMs) (WP2)ESR 6 project : Computational approaches to discover noncoding mutations underlying human disease (WP3)ESR 7 project : Higher-order topological organization of super-enhancer hubs, Epromoters and TADs (WP2)ESR 8 project : Enhancer networks in the control of lineage determination of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) (WP2)ESR 9 project : Analysis of the role of coregulators in the activity of cis-regulatory elements in response to inflammatory stimulation (WP1)ESR 10 project : The spatial organization of enhancers around promoter regions within chromatin contact domains for selected Human cell lines (WP2)ESR 11 project : Functional understanding of synergistic effects of enhancer elements at the onset of atherosclerosis (WP3)ESR 12 project : Regulatory network guiding stem cell interactions within the hematopoietic niche using single cell genomics (WP1)ESR 13 project : Functional annotation 10 human genomes to aid the identification of disease-causing non-coding sequence variants (WP1)ESR 14 project : Microfluidic systems for encapsulation of molecular complexes (WP2)ESR 15 project : Uncovering drug-adaptive epigenetic response in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) (WP3)


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